When it comes down to it, Marvel will always win in a battle with the DC Universe. Sure, they have Batman and Wonder Woman – but would you rather a flash sports car or have Thor’s hammer? We know which one we would choose. Thanks to Hollywood’s interest in the comic book series, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has since become a staple of society, and we now spend more money on going to the movies than we do on groceries each month. We’re totally okay with it. Although we’ve fallen head over heels in love with the likes of the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers, for us nothing comes close to the dark humor and the gore of Deadpool. After gracing our screens in 2016, fans have since rallied to see more of their sword-wielding superhero, and we can now say that Deadpool 2 is finally here! So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, this sequel almost follows straight on from the original movie and sees Wade Wilson in complete and utter happiness.

Pretty cute, right? Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be a Marvel movie without a lot of heartache and pain, so it’s safe to say that this blissful life doesn’t last too long. In fact, things get so bad that Deadpool eventually finds himself teaming up with the X-Men! Who would have thought it?! In a battle between good and evil, the characters in this movie find themselves teetering on the edge of both in an epic storyline – which is why we just need to know more. Check out the secrets and behind the scenes drama of Deadpool 2, and we’ll leave you with this… Hi Yukio!

Cable had to bulk up

In this epic new movie, Deadpool finds himself up against the future. Quite literally. As he attempts to live out his final days in the Ice Box, he comes face to face with a brand new robot/human from the future, who calls himself Cable. However, Cable is not your average opponent. With enormous muscles and a bionic arm, it’s fair to say that he has the upper hand in this battle. In preparation for his role in Deadpool 2, Josh Brolin had to undertake some serious training in the gym. Brolin kept his fans up to date with his progress on Instagram, and informed them of his exercise routine and his daily eating habits – which included exactly 48 almonds every single day!


There is a comic book easter-egg

Nowadays, fans and critics can’t watch a single movie without ripping apart every scene looking for easter-eggs. It’s just the way we are. Thankfully, Deadpool fans were not disappointed when they watched both the first and the second movies – as Wade Wilson’s swords perfectly link back to the comic books we all know and love. If you look closely at the handles of his blades, you might notice a few names engraved on the top of them. If you look even closer, you might notice that they say “Bea” and “Arthur.” Avid readers of the comics will know that this little nugget is in reference to Wade Wilson’s totally justified obsession with the actress from the comedy, Golden Girls.


The movie had another name…

Deadpool is one of a kind, which is why there was no need for a fancy title for the sequel. Instead, the cast, the crew, and the fans were quite happy to know that Deadpool 2 would soon be coming into their lives and disrupting it – but in a good way. Yet, Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the team couldn’t help but add their humor into the production of the movie. While we were all waiting on tenterhooks for any information about the sequel, they let loose that the working title would be called ‘Love Machine.’


…And a hilarious ‘official synopsis’

One of the main reasons we love Deadpool so much is because they just don’t play by the rules and they don’t take themselves too seriously. This gets even better when the production crew doesn’t take their marketing or their advertising seriously, and they did just that when they released their hilarious ‘official synopsis.’ In this incredible synopsis, they talk of a “near-fatal bovine” attack, and call Wade Wilson a former cafeteria worker who aims to become the coolest bartender in town. It’s funnier if you read the real thing. Trust us.

There are some epic cameos

Marvel movies are known for including some epic cameos of superheroes past and present. Thankfully, Deadpool 2 is no different and features a whole host of cameos from faces you probably might recognize. There is basically the whole cast of X-Men (for all of 10 seconds), there is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, there is Alan Tudyk as a country redneck, there is Brad Pitt as The Vanisher, and even Ryan Reynolds makes an appearance as himself rather than Deadpool – but you’ll have to wait until the end credits to work that one out.

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Sadly, he wasn’t the one dancing

Canadians united in May 2018 when Celine Dion released the song and the music video for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack – and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you should probably clear your schedule, because you’ll be singing it all day. Although we were smitten with her Canadian twang and the emotional lyrics, we just couldn’t look past Deadpool’s sultry interpretive dance in the music video. While we hoped it really was Ryan Reynolds underneath the suit and dancing in the heels, it was actually a professional dancer by the name of Yanis Marshall.


David Beckham wasn’t too happy with Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is not known for holding back while in character – or at all, really – and has recently made a name for himself for his tongue-in-cheek jokes that border on hilarious and offensive. It seems as though one famous footballer was not happy when he became the source of his jokes. In the original Deadpool movie, Wilson joked that David Beckham’s voice sounded like it had had intimate relations with a can of helium. Nevertheless, Deadpool has since decided to apologize and rocked up at his house in a video that has since gone viral.